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Beloved Cluny Hill to be sold

Mar 1, 2024

From the Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill

With much sadness the decision has been made to sell our beloved Cluny Hill, a former Victorian Hotel, which held many of our programmes and will be greatly missed by many of us here and around the globe.

Terence Gilbey (CEO of the Findhorn Foundation) writes: ‘It has been just over 120 days since the Findhorn Foundation operations were shuttered and a small Transition Team stepped up to help in the winding-down of the organisation. The past few months have been a very challenging time, and it is somehow fitting that it has been during the darkest days of winter that we took-on the monumental task of untangling the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual footprint of what was an essential aspect of the Findhorn Foundation Community and Park Ecovillage since the beginning.’

Please read his whole article here in our blog:

With much Love and sadness from the Findhorn Foundation Transition Team ❤

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