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General election hustings

Jun 25, 2024

The community recently hosted a very successful general election hustings with around 190 attending, most of the participants from the local area in addition to community members. Six of the seven candidates came (all were invited) and answered questions from the public. The event was held in a good atmosphere and £216 pounds was raised via donations and will be shared by Caring Community Circle (Findhorn and Forres) and the Findhorn Hinterland Trust. Thanks to all involved and who came – especially the brave candidates who put themselves forward for such high profile public service, the discussion on working in different areas of the health service was very moving and the testimonies of care for the planet too.
As a follow on from this event, our local councillor and general election candidate Draeyk van der Horn will be at the Phoenix Cafe upper level between 10-11.30am on Sunday 30 June to answer questions about our local issues, such as the threat to the peninsula’s only bus service.



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