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Update March 2024 – Local Place Plan Group Requests Feedback on Findhorn Foundation’s Strategic Framework

Collective Architecture (CAL) has created a Strategic Framework on behalf of the Findhorn Foundation (FF) and NFD. The Strategic Framework identifies FF’s proposed vision for the EcoVillage Findhorn as it relates to future land use and buildings and is largely based on the FF/CAL “Call for Ideas” submitted to the Moray Council in July 2023. FF is providing (as a gift) their Strategic Framework to the Local Place Plan Group for consideration and use in creating a collaborative community-based Local Place Plan. 
It is available to view online and in the General Office mailroom – your feedback is welcome online and in the feedback folder in the General Office mailroom.  If you have a big idea/critical factor you would like considered please include it on your
Marilyn Hamilton and JR Fulton, Co-Chairs, LPP Group



Community consultations on the development of the Park – Ann McEllin July 2023

There was  an overwhelming response to Collective Architecture’s (CAL’s) publication of the Call for Ideas which was shared with the community two weeks ago. Thank you for your comments

CAL wanted us to consider whether a Local Place Plan (LPP) was the best way forward, or whether they should prepare a Strategic Plan, which is what they were actually commissioned to do. By definition, a Local Place Plan (LPP) is a collaboration from the whole community, so there should only be one LPP for an area. If consensus is difficult to find, a Strategic Plan can be a workable alternative, so that there is a proper channel for objections via the normal planning process.

The LPP could be produced by any community group which is properly constituted and has wide support from the community. Let’s use this next month to work through the main issues of contention, to see whether we can reach a consensus of opinion for all stakeholders in the community.  We understand that one or more community groups are putting together an alternative response for Call for Ideas. We invite you to share any comments, feedback or questions with the LPP group through your community representative:

For Findhorn Foundation – Ann McEllin 
For THA – Cally Fulton

For PET – Alessandro Daboni 

For the Renters Group – Hanna Morjan 
For Mobile Home Owners – David Harrison  
For Findhorn Hinterland Trust – Jonathan Caddy 

For Duneland – Eian Smith
For Ecovillage Findhorn – Rupert Davis

Next meeting dates:

We agreed to hold an open half-hour at the end of our meetings every Tuesday, so that people could pop in to ask questions. 

We also offered a warm invitation to join us for meditation every Friday afternoon to ‘listen to the land’ from 4.15pm at the Quiet Garden on Pineridge, moving into meditation in the nature sanctuary at 4.30pm.

The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn

'The role of Findhorn is to help humanity turn within and be part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.'
Eileen Caddy, Vision of Findhorn

co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation


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