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NFA Common Community Visioning

Feb 16, 2024

For our opening event on Sunday 11th Feb, the wonderful Innerlinks team offered to the community a powerful yet tender ‘Next Steps Process’. In preparation, working together with the NFA Council, an intention was discerned to be our focus:
“We intend to explore what is needed to create a cohesive and purposeful community”.

We were then guided through the process with compassion, spaciousness and humour by the Innerlinks team, with community members in the hall drawing cards from the Transformation Game decks in sequence.

Our Primary Insight card was: “You nourish the new, affirm the highest and behold the best in life while giving constant thanks for it

This was followed by a Setback card: “Are we really all one? Your ego receives a minor dent and you react be getting uptight cutting off the love flow and effective communication

We then received a Resource Insight card: “Wizard of love your being casts spells of joy and light”

And finally, we drew an Angel card: Presence Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence. Know your place, stand up fully in yourself, and greet each moment afresh

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