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Communication Group Report


We want to encourage open and constructive Communication, support cross-fertilising conversations
on many different levels, create a ONE location for comprehensive transparent information to support
processes leading to cohesive unifying proposals.

To achieve that we acknowledge that:

  • Communication is complex – relates to both content and process, and includes different modes and
  • Information has to be accessible, comprehensive and as transparent as possible. If redaction is
    necessary, that is best stated in each instance and reasons given.
  • Community engagement is enhanced with ‘digested’ tidbits in many different modes and media
    giving pointers to the single comprehensive source (aim to avoid divergent copies, niches or silos of
    information) for those seeking more information.
  • Communication is a two way process – consultation means engagement with provided information
    (accessible, comprehensive, transparent) in many different ways:
    • In person: group discussions, Witnessing Circles, working groups, conversations
    • Online: Facebook groups, platforms where views/opinions can be stated, call voices can be
      heard. Moderation to help keep in line with the Common Ground is helpful
    • Through Rainbow Bridge and any other relevant media
  • We request all players, Community Groups, Findhorn Foundation and other stakeholders to share
    information freely and timely to allow for further input from Community members.
  • Our Community is not only located in The Park, nor even in a 50 mile radius – it is important to
    include the global Community. We have a sense that this may actually be helpful for support and
    greater perspective.

The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn

'The role of Findhorn is to help humanity turn within and be part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.'
Eileen Caddy, Vision of Findhorn

co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation


Latest News

new sanctuary update!

new sanctuary update!

The next phase of building the New Sanctuary is happening, and last week Master woodworker and community friend Henry Fosbrooke came to facilitate and inspire community volunteers to put some love and care in to work on preparing some of the logs to create the large...

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exploring the future of energy at the Park

exploring the future of energy at the Park

At a packed presentation in Legacy on 26th June, over 40 community members turned up to hear about InterPED and how they could contribute to shaping the future energy in the Park. Over the course of three years FIRE (Findhorn Innovation Research and Education CIC)...

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General election hustings

General election hustings

The community recently hosted a very successful general election hustings with around 190 attending, most of the participants from the local area in addition to community members. Six of the seven candidates came (all were invited) and answered questions from the...

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