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Conflict Resilience Group

Conflict Resilience Group    September 2023


Our community has grown into a large and diverse village centred around The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn, and is comprised of multiple organisations and hundreds of individuals. The Conflict Resilience Group came together at the end of 2021 to address a perceived need for a Whole Community approach to working with conflict and to explore what it might look like. 

In choosing Conflict Resilience Group (CRG) as our name (previously named Developing Conflict Resilience Group), we are recognising that conflict in itself does not need to be destructive, and when worked with appropriately, both on an individual and collective level, it can actually be an important and generative part of our community’s evolution. 

We currently meet together on a fortnightly basis to develop a system that will support community members when they find themselves in conflict. Alongside this, we are exploring and developing components of a Culture of Peace, to support and welcome diversity in our community and minimise the occurrence of conflict where possible. (See our Vision, Mission and Aims below for more details.) 

This webpage is being developed as a place where we can make the work of the CRG and our materials easily accessible to community members. 

David Harrison is currently the focaliser of the group. If you have any questions or suggestions about this work, please email him at

Driver Statement / Vision, Mission and Aims 

Driver Statement 

With our Community having grown significantly, both in size and complexity, the lack of community-wide agreed upon processes for working with conflict leads to unresolved tensions both on the relational and systemic level. This impedes our ability to respond effectively to change and move forward as a community. 

To support us in growing further into our potential as a spiritual community there is a need for cross community resources that people can reach out to in times of conflict; and for each individual to be aware of how they can contribute to a conflict resilient community. 


A community where we express our practical spirituality by living and working together in harmony, transforming any conflicts into creative energy for evolution. 


To co-create a culture of active peace that reflects our community’s spiritual aspirations and values; and to establish sustainable systems that support all community members to work with conflict and diversity. 


  1. Investigate the needs of the community regarding conflict reconciliation – what we already have in place, evaluation of what works well, what are the problems, what are people looking for? 
  2. To support people in recognising what resources (both internal and external) are available to them, to support them in developing and participating in a culture of active peace and working with their personal response to conflict. 
  3. Identify a range of people with the skills to support active peace – inclusiveness, non-violence and understanding, communication skills – and who are able to facilitate the reconciliation of conflicts within our community. 
  4. Establish ways of funding the time and skills involved in this endeavour.
  5. Establish and then support the operation of easily accessible systems that support conflict reconciliation. 
  6. Make training available and accessible in a variety of modalities to develop a collective skill set and tool box for conflict resilience. 

Group Members 

David Harrison – Particularly in my time as Listener Convenor, I became aware of how unresolved conflict weighs heavily in our community, and how this holds us back from moving forward in a generative way (for me, the image is of a bird with oiled wings, struggling to fly). As someone who believes in Restorative Justice, as a trained mediator, and as someone inspired by the Peace Shield’s holistic approach to working with conflict, I was drawn to the potential for this group to develop a Whole Community response to this issue, and am finding it inspiring to work collaboratively with the group wisdom that is generated in our meetings. 

Eva Ward – Conflict resilience begins with a clear intention to be as conscious and awake as we can be, and to work together to understand, accept and work creatively with difference. From my perspective and experience as a meditator and mentor, I am keen to continue supporting our community to travel its spiritual path, and for this to be the basis of all our activities. Our shared values combined with individual and group awareness, will help to create a culture of peace and conflict resilience. I am particularly interested in the CRG’s work in helping to create inner and outer peace. 

Gordon McAlpine – During my time in this community, especially as part of the FF’s S&PD, I have studied and practised nonviolent communication, mediation, restorative circles and Sociocracy. I am passionate about resolving conflict and the joy, connection and freedom that it has brought to my own personal experience. 

Jane Hera – Looking at our community through the lens of my work with Permaculture Design, Sociocracy, and Deep Ecology, I see the need for a Whole Community response to working with conflict. I trust that the work of CRG moves us closer to this aim. 

Roy Miles – My journey towards this group began when I was introduced to a culture of peace and what it might mean for this community. It struck a chord with me and I spoke up about the idea in the December 2021 community meeting. Indeed, the majority of the people who formed this group spoke at that meeting on related themes. I feel very privileged to be part of the CRG. After almost every meeting I feel more energised, hopeful and informed. My work history involved being an occupational therapist in mental health until I burnt out. So I have some understanding of the therapeutic process. Initially I saw myself as the NFA Council representative to CRG, but now that I am no longer on the Council I am finding new ways of involving myself in the group’s life. 

How to Contact Us:

Further Information 

Below are links to various articles that the group have produced or which have inspired us. 

The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn

'The role of Findhorn is to help humanity turn within and be part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.'
Eileen Caddy, Vision of Findhorn

co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation


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