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Summer solstice celebrations

Jun 23, 2024

The summer solstice was celebrated in so many ways by the community this year – Bless Dancing on the beach (with accompanying dolphins!), a lovely concert in the Sunshine Room with Elaine Silver, community singing and stories in the Singing Chamber with Barbara Swetina, Ian Turnbull and more, and a wonderful effort by the staff of the Phoenix who managed to: buy the marquee that has been sitting on the Village Green for so long, move it to the green just below the cafe with help from stalwart community volunteers, and put on a mini festival in and around it – amazing! It’s estimated that over 400 local residents came for the mini-festival and lots of fun was had by all.

The removal of the marquee from the Village Green has also meant that the area can be restored – Ash has helped community volunteers sow grass seed and protect the area till it’s established and there are now moves to get a team of volunteers together to restore the volleyball area, and even re-enliven the children’s play area project again!  It’s wonderful to see the community coming together.

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