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Introduction to Findhorn Foundation’s Strategic Framework

Feb 20, 2024

Introduction to Findhorn Foundation’s Strategic Framework

Collective Architecture (CAL) has created a Strategic Framework on behalf of the Findhorn Foundation (FF) and NFD. The Strategic Framework (accessible here online  and at Gateway paper copy) identifies FF’s proposed vision for the EcoVillage Findhorn as it relates to future land use and buildings and is largely based on the FF/CAL “Call for Ideas” submitted to the Moray Council in July 2023. FF is providing (as a gift) their Strategic Framework to the Local Place Plan Group for consideration and use in creating a collaborative community-based Local Place Plan.

We invite you to comment on the Strategic Framework by completing this Survey – it will be open until March 31, 2024.

If you have a big idea/critical factor you would like considered please include it on your survey.

In addition to the FF/CAL “Call for ideas,” there were more than 13 other EcoVillage “Call for ideas” submitted to Moray Council by individuals, groups and through NFA. All
of this information, plus other Community input will be used to create a shared Local Place Plan for submission to Moray Council at the end of 2024. The LPP Group intends to use a version of the new Governance Decision Making System in making determinations about the EcoVillage Findhorn Local Place Plan.

The EcoVillage Findhorn Local Place Plan, along with other Moray LPPs will be considered by Moray Council in creating their 2027-2037 Moray Local Development Plan (MDLP), Morays’ long term vision. The EcoVillage Findhorn LPP is a shared community opportunity to “futureproof,” prepare, and optimize our potential future land and buildings opportunities “come what may” and for the next generation! We look forward to everyone’s input and truly appreciate all who care so deeply for this place,
JR Fulton and Marilyn Hamilton, Co-Chairs of LPP Group

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