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The New Findhorn Association (NFA) is the community association for individuals and organisations connected with the Park Ecovillage Community and the Findhorn Foundation.  We acknowledge to live and work by a set of Core Values laid out by the community, which we call our “Common Ground

The Findhorn Foundation has always attracted people. While some were integrated into the Foundation others settled into their own places in the vicinity. But they were looking for interaction with the Foundation people and their educational and other activities. A structure called Open Community was established to enable this. As the numbers increased there came the time when this body was ready for being more defined and organised. So in 1998 a group of people set to work to create a new organisation with a constitution of its own. What emerged is the New Findhorn Association as we see it today.

The membership of this New Findhorn Association is now defined by the intent to live by certain values and standards as laid down in the so called Common Ground and this includes non-members as well as members of the Foundation and a number of business and other Organisations.  Anyone within a 50 mile radius of the Park Ecovillage may become a FULL member, anyone outside of the catchment may join as an ASSOCIATE member.

The purpose of the New Findhorn Association is the holding of community aspects as they evolve. To this effect it is equipped with two so called “Listener Conveners”, who are elected for two year terms of office, together with a number of elected Councillors who are the Board of the Association. Community issues as identified by listening to the pulse of the community are brought before the Council where it is decided which course of action to take if action is called for.

At present there are approximately 440 individual members and their families and a number of organisations. People are attracted to the community by material factors such as a less hectic lifestyle in a less densely populated area with very good infrastructure and a thriving independent school, Drumduan, and by their search for meaning in life, encouraged by the educational facilities of the Findhorn Foundation on the one hand and the “walking of this talk” by the community as a whole.

NFA Council

The New Findhorn Association has an elected Council (up to twelve councillors) and two Listener-Conveners.

NFA Model

The Eight Leaf Ecovillage Model. Our model covers ecology, economy, governance and much more.

NFA Constitution

Click the button below to download a copy of our constitution [pdf]

New Findhorn Association common Ground

Common Ground

In service to spirit, humanity and the earth we hold in common the following principles, essence and guidelines.

About Us

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Our Common Ground

In service to spirit, humanity and the earth we hold in common the following
Principles, Essence and Guidelines


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Beloved Cluny Hill to be sold

From the Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill With much sadness the decision has been made to sell our beloved Cluny Hill, a former Victorian Hotel, which held many of our programmes and will be greatly missed by many of us here and around the globe. Terence Gilbey (CEO of...

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THE OLD After 30 plus years of providing local and artisan food to the community, the time has come to hang up our aprons and retire for a bit of gardening. A heartfelt thank you to the huge network of customers colleagues suppliers and service providers that have...

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Update from Findhorn Foundation & Ecovillage Findhorn

Update from Findhorn Foundation & Ecovillage Findhorn

On January 26th we shared the news that Findhorn Foundation (FF) and Ecovillage Findhorn (EF) were in discussion about an options package that would support moving most of the FF assets in The Park to EF. The idea was/is to support EF’s intention for democratic and...

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