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Caring Community Circle

Providing resources and coordinating services for care in the community

The mission of the Caring Community Circle (CCC) of the NFA (New Findhorn Association) is to provide resources and coordinate services for care in the community.

The aims are to:

  • Be a link between individuals with needs (or potential needs) and the NFA Council
  • Provide information/education on the Curriculum for the 4th Age (skills and resources relevant for the stage of dependence)
  • Create a culture of mutual support through encouraging the establishment of Buddy Networks for individuals and strengthen those networks as and when required
  • Facilitate care in community in the many aspects necessary – accommodation, care workers and volunteers, funding, social inclusion, links with social work and health care services
  • Hold custodianship and facilitate use of the ‘Community Care Fund’

Hands-on Care in Community

  • People Awareness – holding vulnerable people in the community
  • Facilitating, providing or coordinating care at home for community members
  • Facilitating Findhorn Careworkers

Social, spiritual and educational activities

Some of these are not available whilst COVID restrictions are in place

  • NFA liaison to embed the CCC in the community structures
  • Curriculum for the 4th Age workshops
  • Weekly exercise class
  • Film discussions (bi-weekly)
  • Social inclusion community structures incl. multi-generational co-housing
  • Buddy system for personal support
  •  Minding-the-Gap : Youngers and Olders meet in intergenerational events

Contact Information


  • Community Care Fund.pdf to supplement statutory care funding
  • Equipment for Loan (hoist, wheelchair, rolator etc)  contact the CCC Co-ordinator Laura Shreenan for any further information or need for equipment (details below)
  • Findhorn Careworkers – paid carers to support care at home (cultural shift to create sustainable work and care provision)
  • Caring Community Newsletters No longer available

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'The role of Findhorn is to help humanity turn within and be part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.'
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