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Evolution of the Findhorn Community

In 2015, a Powerpoint presentation developed by Katie Kukolj as part of the community wide change process outlining:

  • An appreciation of the past
  • An evaluation of the present
  • An exploration into the future

2015 Presentation (Community Meeting)

To visualise the complexity of the Findhorn Community and the place of the many organisations that live and work in and around The Park at Findhorn you can visit this Map, but be aware that there have been some minor changes since this map was created in or around 2015:

Organisational Map of the Findhorn Ecovillage Community

In 2016, a proposal was created for “a new model of co-creative, community-wide self-governance for the Findhorn Community, and the collaborative work continued through 2016:

2016 Proposal – Tobias & Anna K (March)
2016 Presentation – Chris Alder (November)

In 2017-2019, Findhorn continued to prepare the ground for more collaborative ways of engaging its Community members with the Community Change Working Group (CCWG) Next Phase Proposal: Towards a Cohesive, Purposeful and Vibrant Community (January 2017). 


The 2019 Progress Review captures the highlights of this (ongoing) Community Change Process (CCP). It is intended to support this community-led process to be more visible and understandable to the wider Community, to celebrate the efforts and achievements of those who have been holding, guiding, and participating in it, to engage more members, and most importantly, to invite the Community into a sense of togetherness on this transformational journey. By showcasing its 2017/2018 events and achievements, this Progress Review further aims to support the Community Change Process to assess its progress and to develop Next Steps:

NFA Council

NFA Model

NFA Evolution

New Findhorn Association common Ground

Common Ground

Our Common Ground

In service to spirit, humanity and the earth we hold in common the following
Principles, Essence and Guidelines


Latest News

Beloved Cluny Hill to be sold

Beloved Cluny Hill to be sold

From the Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill With much sadness the decision has been made to sell our beloved Cluny Hill, a former Victorian Hotel, which held many of our programmes and will be greatly missed by many of us here and around the globe. Terence Gilbey (CEO of...

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THE OLD After 30 plus years of providing local and artisan food to the community, the time has come to hang up our aprons and retire for a bit of gardening. A heartfelt thank you to the huge network of customers colleagues suppliers and service providers that have...

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Update from Findhorn Foundation & Ecovillage Findhorn

Update from Findhorn Foundation & Ecovillage Findhorn

On January 26th we shared the news that Findhorn Foundation (FF) and Ecovillage Findhorn (EF) were in discussion about an options package that would support moving most of the FF assets in The Park to EF. The idea was/is to support EF’s intention for democratic and...

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